The Ark Is…

A place of SAFETY and FREEDOM where souls receive REFUGE, SALVATION, ENCOURAGEMENT, and LOVE in the presence of God through fervent worship. We are training and equipping a signs and wonders generation to be WORLD CHANGERS! 

New to The Ark?

When visiting The Ark for the first time you’ll instantly encounter the love of Daddy God and be ushered into a heavy atmosphere of power and presence. We believe of the marrying of generations. Instead of separating ourselves, we choose to unite both the young and older generations in our worship gatherings. No longer are the days of sending our youth into the back rooms of the church! We need the wisdom of Elijah and the fire of Elisha, co-laboring together, to fulfill our assignments and to inherit our destiny’s. We refuse to have a separate worship time for the youth and a separate worship time for the adults; rather, we choose to harmonize the sounds of both generations and release the double portion anointing that is shaking the heavens and the earth! Be prepared to encounter fervent worship and passionate lovers.

Children’s Ministry

For parents who have children ages 4-12, we keep this age group in the main sanctuary, prior to them separating into their classes, for the worship portion of all services. We value the purity and freedom of our children’s worship and want them to contribute and receive, along with the adults and youth. Parents with children under 4 years of age can drop them off at the nursery prior to the beginning of our services. Please contact Michelle Wilkinson with further questions.